Advertising, LLC Rate Card Personal Finance Site Network offers many different options for advertising on its family of sites that include:,,,,, and

The options available for advertising on the family of sites include Monthly Placements or Sponsorship Packages.

Monthly Placements:

Placements include 160×600, 468×60, and 234×60 banners on the homepage of each respective site, as well as 300×250 on interior pages. These monthly, dedicated placements are priced as follows:

Home Pages 160×600Skyscraper 468×60Full Banner 234×60Half Banner $675 $450 $350 $500 $400 $325 $500 $400 $325 $575 $450 $350 $500 $400 $325 $675 $450 $350 $600 $400 N/A
Interior Pages 160×600Skyscraper 468×60Full Banner 300×250Rectangle $675 $350 $250 $500 $300 $225 $500 $300 $225 $575 $350 $250 $500 $300 $225 $675 $350 $250 $600 N/A N/A

Sponsorship Packages:

A Commanding presence on both the home page and internal pages of each respective site – please contact us for specific pricing and terms.

Text Links:

Several text link placements are available.

  • Sponsored Links. These are available on either the Home Page or Internal Page in the “Sponsored Links” section on the right hand side of the page. The fees for these links are $50.00 per month, or $500.00 annually. Please supply text and link information for any requests.
  • Embedded Article Links. These are available only on an annual basis for $100.00. Note that the link text cannot appear in the first 100 words of the article. Please supply the article name, link text and link information for any requests.

Payment Terms:

All rates are net. All payments due within 30 days of invoice date. Invoices not paid within 45 days of invoice date are subject to interest charges of 1.5% per month. New advertisers must prepay their first invoice.

Prices effective as of January 1, 2016

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